John B. Wallace   March 4, 1930 - April 21, 2021.

Jack was a lifelong resident of Notre-Dame-de-Grace. Jack did not let his very short stature hinder his active role in his community. He participated in sports activitées for many years. In 1973 he was selected by the Kinsmen Club of N.D.G. as "Citizen of the Year" in recognition of his contributions to the community. He worked on behalf of the N.D.G. Park Association for many years. He was a dedicated coach of hockey and baseball and was treasurer and secretary of various sporting endeavors in the area. He served as both referee and umpire for the City of Montreal. He was instrumental in organizing basketball teams at the N.D.G. Community Center and midget and juvenile baseball teams. In 2021 he was presented with the NDG Baseball Legacy Award in recognition of his contribution. He will be missed by his longtime friends Lilly Black, Brian Shee and Howard Graham. He was a member of the Monkland Tennis Club for many years. Jack was an employee of Kruger Paper Company until his retirement in 1984.

From Jackie's obituary message, July, 2021.

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